At Great Yarmouth Swimming Club we offer a warm welcome to Masters swimmers. We offer a structured Masters session and ask that you train with a view to competing for the club in the annual Norfolk ASA Masters competition. You should have proficiency in three of the four recognised strokes with the ability to perform at least 100 meters in those strokes. In a one hour session you will probably be swimming around 1500 - 2500 meters, although this will vary according to ability.

The club holds its Masters session at the Great Yarmouth High School pool on a Wednesday evening at 8pm and swimmers in the squad can also utilise the morning session we have to offer at Phoenix Pool on a  Friday at 6:20am, both of which are 1 hour sessions.

We charge a monthly fee of £20 for the two sessions/month payable by standing order on the 2nd of each month. There will also be a membership fee due upon joining the club, which is also an annual cost.

If you would like to join our Masters Team or would like further information, please get in touch with Sue Lyons by email -