Tuesday 24th October saw the annual Crusaders gala take place at the Great Yarmouth Charter Academy pool. The Crusaders team travels down from Bedfordshire each year, staying in Seashore, and competing with the local Great Yarmouth Swimming Club for the Crusaders cup.


Swimmers aged between 8 and 16 took part in the gala, with some of the younger swimmers, in pre-squad, competing in their first ever gala. There was a fabulous atmosphere, with the teams and their supporters raising the rafters with the noise level.


Two teams competed for each club and GYSC’s squads came first and forth with the Crusaders teams coming second and third. This meant the total points score was 269 to Great Yarmouth and 237 to Crusaders.


Great Yarmouth therefore won the cup; the first time they had achieved this since 2013. The photo shows some of Great Yarmouth’s club captains and vice-captains accepting the trophy. Well done to all involved.