Club Membership and Fee Payment Policy Update

Dear Parents and Swimmers.
Over the past twelve months, the club has worked hard to reduce the financial loses incurred to the year end of 2015. These have been reduced greatly and details will be given at the AGM in November. It is hoped that this will give the club a stable position to continue to develop its ability to teach and coach swimmers in the coming years.
The vast majority of fees (both squad and membership) are being paid at the correct level and on time, however it appears that a minority of fees are not being paid as they should be. This is obviously unfair on those members who do pay correctly, and takes a great deal of time to chase payments for the treasurer and vice treasurer, who volunteer their time for free, and has a negative financial impact on the club. The matter has been discussed by the committee and the following policy has been approved:
Any outstanding fees will be invoiced with the payment due in seven days. If the fees are not paid by the due date, swimmers will unfortunately be asked to leave any session they are attending and will not be permitted to swim again until the payments are made.

For standing order adjustments that are not made within two months of request, again the same sanction will be applied.
The committee has been saddened that this policy has had to be made, but the current situation is not sustainable. In the case of prolonged illness or injury, adjustments can be made if discussed with the club secretary or treasurer. If there are any cases of genuine hardship, the club can be contacted confidentially via the Secretary or Chairman as there may be ways for the club to help.